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Link rotation - how to set A/B test for a short link?

If you have the appropriate knw subscription plan - you can set alternative target links that will be displayed in rotation depending on the settings entered. Link rotation option or otherwise known as AB test or ABC test is available in knw1. 

To set up AB test or ABC test: 

1. Log in to your knw account. 

2. Go to the list of short links in your dashboard. 

3. Click the ABC test settings icon for short link. 

4. Depending on the subscription plan you have, you will see a form only for the AB option, where you can set an alternative link to display 50/50 or percentage, or a form where you can choose AB or ABC. 

5. Depending on the active subscription plan, you can move the slider and set the proportions in which the target main link (A) or alternative links B or C is to be displayed. 

6. After making the settings, click the button to save changes to make the changes active. 

7. Remember that depending on whether you have a normal or unique counting of clicks - the same will be counted the openings of alternative B and / or C links.

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