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How to create short link with knw?

To create a short link in knw

1. Log in to your Cuttly account. 

2. Go to your main dashbaord or your Team dashbaord (option available in the Team subscription plans or after invitation to a given Team) depending on where you want to create a short link. 

3. In the link shortening field, enter the source link that you want to shorten .

4. If you have your own domain added, you can use it to create a link. 

Check or uncheck the option depending on whether you want to create a knw short link or a link in your own brand domain 

5. Press the "Shorten" button to create the link knw link

6. Once properly created, the link will appear on your link list. 

7. After creating a short link, you can manage it using the available options (some options are available depending on your subscription plan). 

Find out more about the options available in your subscription plan here: knw pricing and features

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